Absolute Leveling Lifting and Leveling Cottages

Absolute Leveling lifting and leveling cottages

​Absolute leveling repairing cottage posts and pads and beams

foundation repair

Either through minor adjustments and repairs, or a complete rebuilding of the foundation, we offer start-to-finish solutions for every project. We also offer foundation upgrade services, beam repairs, beam re-enforcements, or replacement.

​What happens to your post and pad foundation is that the ground beneath the cottage shifts over time. There are several causes, but primarily soil freezing and moisture content changes tend to be the main culprits. When that happens, some of the pads upon which the cottage is supported will begin to lift, sink, tilt, or otherwise shift.

Sometimes the movement is very minor, but enough to cause doors and windows to stick when opening and closing, walls to develop cracks above doorways, sloping floors, and cracks forming between bricks or stone. In rare situations, the shifting can be quite severe, causing structural damage to a cottage. In fact cottages can fall right off the posts and onto the ground if the problem is ignored. We have actually picked cottages up off the ground and put them safely back on a new stable foundation. Check your pads to make sure they are level and the posts are centered on the pads. It is important that the posts and pads are not leaning. On occasion we find it necessary and wise to recommend additional concrete pads and posts where the building is heavier or poor soil conditions exist.  Sometimes the original beams are twisted or rotten in places and we will advise you if remedies are required.

Working on the post and pad foundation is not for amateur DIY's. It is dangerous work to be handled by experienced professionals. Serious injury and death can occurred, as well as structural damages to the cottage. We highly recommend you do not attempt this work yourselves. We are fully equipped, qualified, experienced, and insured to perform the work safely and professionally. It is best if you leave this type of work to qualified professionals.  Click on the "QUOTES" link below and we’ll be there for you shortly! We guarantee high-quality work for each and every project. You'll see that we're the best choice for your cottage lifting and leveling project.

So what’s the cost for all of this? The cost is based on exactly what work is required to be performed. Your estimate of costs for the work to be done is provided free of charge along with a consultation and explanation with no obligation. Just ask us, we'll be right over at a convenient time for you. Rebuilding each post and pad generally costs between $140 and $220 in normal conditions. Timely service calls can be a small fraction of that cost. Deck and stair riser pads generally cost much less. Removal and replacement of a beam will cost roughly $40 per linear foot, keep in mind that many factors can influence this cost. For example a beam with electrical wires running along it will involve much more work than one that has no complications associated with it. These prices are just to give you a very general idea of how much leveling work costs.  Click on "QUOTES" below and provide your information, and we'll get you your free estimate. We will also examine your soil conditions and advise you of methods and solutions to reduce or prevent future shifting.Then you'll know what's involved to fix you cottage foundation.

Once the work begins we sometimes uncover other problems. We will bring any and all issues we discover to your attention at once, provide a full explanation and include recommendations for any additional work and any added costs that may be involved. Often, this will require a speedy decision as the work could be halted until your direction has been provided to us. We like to provide updates as we proceed with your work and prefer if you are available to consult with us by phone or in person if and when required.

We look forward to helping you.